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DYO - Cut & Sew

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Design Your Own panelled (cut & sew) range of sportswear with over 20 designs, 10 fabric and colour options and custom embroidery


Design Your Own sublimated sportswear with custom colours, logos, personalised names and numbers on our huge range of designs


Design your own custom vest in 10 easy steps, with a range of vest types, tapes, accessories and custom names and/or logos.


We work with a variety of clients and clubs across Australia. Our reputation for on time delivery and product quality is unmatched.



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Don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff if you have any questions, we have a team of experts ready to help you.

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Blackchrome Sportswear Online Shop

Blackchrome Sportswear offers a select range of sportswear, workwear and personal protective equipment available for purchase online and offering prompt delivery.

If you’ve left your social team uniforms until the last minute, we can hook you up.

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Why choose Blackchrome Sportswear?


 Reliable Deliveries

Our delivery lead times are fast and efficient. We have developed reliable production and scheduling systems to enable locked in delivery dates.

  Peace of Mind

We encourage pre-production sampling to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Checking your garments before full production will ensure colours and styles match your expectations.

  We Know Sublimation

We pride ourselves on our expertise and don’t just source a product for you. Our talented team has expertise in key areas of design, print reproduction and production processes.

  Competitive Pricing

We strive for competitive prices and value for money.

 Pattern Development Service

Along with our vast range of existing patterns, we develop new innovative garments, always staying in touch with current trends.

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