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Our Cycling Range

Our cycling kit range is constantly evolving, below are some examples of the more common styles in our range. If you are after something specific please contact one of our cycling experts and we can guide you through our full product range. Click the images below to view the pattern numbers, please check the garment sizing specs to ensure you get the correct size.

Cycling Casual Range

We also have a great range or pre/post ride casual clothing and outerwear available. Stay warm before and after a ride or show your club allegiance in a smart club polo. We can fully customise a full range of kit and casual wear to ensure consistent branding throughout your range. We can also provide hats, drink bottles and screen printed tees. Also, you may wish to view our full outerwear and training range.

Cycling Studio Designs

We’ve put together a range of cycling designs to give you some inspiration. Feel free have one of our designers customise any of the designs in our range or supply an image or start from scratch with a brief. We’re here to make your life easy, let us look after the hard stuff so you can get back on the bike.

Design your own cycling uniform
Design Your Own Cycling Kit

Have a go at designing your own fully customised cycling kits with our easy to use ‘DYO’ website. Start with one of our cycling studio designs then change colours, add club logos, text and sponsors. We’ll send you a PDF and get in touch with you about how to order your kit.

Start Designing >>

Cycling Catalogue

View our cycling catalogue in full screen or download a PDF of our cycling catalogue to read later or send in an email.

View Download (3,588 MB)
Cycling Fabrics

Our extensive range of performance cycling fabrics offers you the freedom to tailor a jersey to your specific requirement. Choose lightweight for performance, speed and temperature management or honeycomb for a modern technical weave which disperses air via a honeycomb pattern, with honeycomb you can physically see the performance capabilities. Taslon excels at providing warmth and wind protection without sacrificing weight and with a semi matte finish its a perfect base for a modern design. Our spandex provides exceptional stretch and branding opportunities for knicks and bib knicks via trade panels.

Micromesh | Honeycomb | Taslon | Poly Spandex | Nylon | CyGlo


An advanced lightweight mesh knit fabric built for optimal moisture transfer, fast drying and good sun protection.

  • 120gsm, 165gsm, 190gsm
  • 100% polyester
  • UVF rating of 50+
  • Hydrophilic treatment
  • ideal for jerseys



This lightweight mesh knit fabric is designed for optimal moisture transfer and fast drying. The special weave keeps you extra cool and provides a textured finish.

  • 155gsm
  • 100% polyester
  • UVF rating N/A
  • Honeycomb weave
  • ideal for jerseys



This light weight woven fabric is moderately water repellent and delivers modest warmth and comfort.

  • 140gsm
  • 100% polyester
  • UVF rating N/A
  • outerwear with a soft single jersey lining
  • ideal for track jackets and track pants


Poly Spandex

The 4-way stretch of this bright white base tricot fabric offers extra comfort and freedom of movement to enhance performance. Moisture management properties make it resistant to perspiration stains.

  • 220gsm
  • 80% polyester/20% spandex
  • UVF rating N/A
  • excellent for high resolution images & rich colours
  • ideal for crop tops, shorts, skirts, fitted tops and briefs



This strong durable fabric provides optimal stretch for comfort while resisting damage when continuously in contact hard or abrasive surfaces.

  • 233gsm
  • 85% nylon/15% spandex
  • UVF rating N/A
  • black colour only
  • durable stretch
  • ideal for bib knicks and knicks



Stay tuned for a great new safety initiative powered by Blackchrome’s research and development department.

We’ve recommended a few of our cycling specific fabrics above to simplify the design process, we have a larger range of fabrics available, click below the open a new page with the full range.

Full Fabric Range >>

The Design Process
Choose from our range of cycling studio designs or have a go at designing your own with our Design Your Own website. You can also supply us with an image or graphic as an example and we can create a design from that.
Choose the shape, fit & style of your cycling garment (we refer to this as the pattern). This details the fit type, shape and construction. We have created a recommended pattern list to make choosing your kit easy. Most of our cycling patterns are available in mens and ladies (with limited youth) sizing. Patterns are referred to by a code and we have sizing specifications for all patterns to ensure you get the perfect fit. We understand the importance of a perfectly tailored kit.
Choose the fabric/s your kit will be made from. We have sourced high quality performance fabric/s, find out more in our recommended fabric range.
We create artwork PDF’s for you outlining your colours and logos with your design scaled to 10%. Have absolute confidence that your uniform will be manufactured as per your artwork, we pride ourselves on accurate artwork. All production artwork files begin with a VL or CS prefix (e.g. VL12345). We also encourage sampling so you can have a fully spec’d sample to touch and feel before bulk production begins. You’ll be amazed how quickly we can deliver your sample.
If you require per garment customisation we have listed a range of fonts for you to choose from. Although not common in cycling, some social clubs like to include naming on jerseys to promote the social aspect. Adding custom names is easy, you’ll need to fill out a names & numbers speadsheet outlining which sizes marry up with their customised names and/or numbers. *There may be additional charges.

Cycling Artwork

We provide a document for you to approve so that you can have peace of mind with your design. Your PDF document will have a VL or CS prefix which identifies whether the garment is sublimated or a traditional cut and sew garment. The four sections are outlined below in more detail.

Blackchrome cycling uniform artwork

The visual is just a guide on how things will appear on the finished garment. It helps to visualise the garment including trims/piping etc. Do not sign off on your design based on the visual page, this page is not to scale and the shape of the garment may not be an accurate representation of the finished garment.

Blackchrome cycling uniform artwork
Production Layout

This is the most important page to check to ensure your artwork is as required. Our production layout page is normally at 10% scale with a wireframe showing all sizes in the pattern. Check this page very closely, check that colours are accurate, logos are clear, the correct size and in the correct position. Check that the design looks correct across the full range of sizes.

Blackchrome cycling uniform artwork
Logo Details

On this page you will find colour and sizing information for your logos, it is important to check all logos for sizing and accuracy.

Blackchrome cycling uniform terms and conditions
Terms & Conditions

When you are happy with your design and are ready to order you will need to email (quoting your VL or CS number) or sign and fax this document to us. We need written approval to proceed with your order.

Cycling Jersey Naming

You can individually customise your garment with names & nicknames, here are some examples of fonts that can be used. You can choose from our fonts or supply an example for us to copy.

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