Most of the products available in the shop are manufactured in our factory. This gives us great flexibility allowing us to turn-a-round back orders (which are individually made just for you) in 4 weeks.

The Upside

  1. Back orders allow you to order a product even when it has sold out, we will make it solely for you, in your size.
  2. This allows us to offer a much larger range of products such as the unique colours you see available in our compression range.


The Downside

  1. Back orders take roughly 4 weeks to manufacture and deliver to your door


How back orders work

  1. We receive your order via our online shop
  2. We submit the request to our factory to begin the manufacturing cycle
  3. We then manufacturing the goods for you and ship to you via our warehouse in Adelaide (which can take up to 6 weeks). Local pick up is also available if you are in Adelaide.


Why do back orders take so long?

Manufacturing a single order or item is not as efficient as ordering in bulk. A huge number of staff are involved in making each product which involves great attention to detail. We ensure the level of quality is sustained by having very detailed and organised systems. Your product is made from the ground up, we digitally print onto paper and transfer that design onto fabric (which is cut to the exact size you order). Using heat and pressure the design is embedded into the fabric (no peeling or cracking, no heavy uncomfortable print touching the skin) which is then sewn together and put through a number of quality control processes. The item is then individually packed and labelled and sent on a weekly shipment to our Adelaide warehouse before being checked again and sent to you.


Cancellation of back orders

We cannot cancel a back order once manufacturing begins as we make every sublimated order from scratch. This includes cutting of fabric, printing of transfers, heat-pressing, sewing and many other labour intensive processes as well as the consumption of materials and accessories. As we make back orders solely for the customer placing the order they cannot be added into stock and resold, therefore we cannot cancel this process once it has begun.