Our Colour Range

With over 300 sublimated and 10 pre-dyed Pro Panel colours in our range, we have the perfect colour for your garment.

Sublimation Colour Range

Our standard sublimation colour palette (shown below on Micromesh) features over 300 of the most commonly ordered colours. If the colour you require is not in our standard palette range don’t be alarmed, we have a huge gamut of colours to choose from. We have more than 10,000 colours available at the click of a button, and if you’re very particular about your team or brand colours we can create an ‘incremental palette’ for you. Incremental palettes are a series of colours based on a source colour with subtle variations, offering you complete control when it comes to choosing colours.

Sublimation-Micromesh-colour-palette-thumbnailView colour palette


Sublimation Palette


Incremental Colour Palette

An incremental palette is a series of colour swatches based on an initial source colour with a range of subtle variations. You have complete control with Blackchrome Sportswear when it comes to choosing colours. Below is an example of a teal incremental palette produced for a customer on Micromesh fabric.


Incremental Palette


Pro Panel Colour Range

We’ve done a lot of research in creating our Pro Panel colour range. Analysing past order data thoroughly we chose the most frequently ordered colours, ensuring a great match when mixing Pro Panel and sublimation. We hold a huge range of pre-dyed stock in a range of fabrics to ensure prompt delivery. Pro Panel can also be mixed with sublimation to create a hybrid garment. Our hybrid range puts us miles ahead in the custom apparel game.


Pro Panel Colour Range


10 standard colours (black, navy, royal, sky, bottle, emerald, gold, red, maroon & white) are available. Custom colours can be dyed to match if the required quantity is sufficient.




Pro Panel Swatch Portfolio

Our Pro Panel (cut & sew) swatch portfolios display the full range of colours and fabrics available in our Pro panel range.


Pro Panel (cut and sew) - Micromesh colour swatch