A simple Google search for customised sportswear will present you with an array of companies. But what are they actually offering? Does the low price really tell the whole story? And what does this perpetual race to the bottom on price mean for the industry and more importantly, the customer?

It seems as though a new custom sportswear company crops up every day. Every one appears to promise a lower price or a faster turnaround time guarantee. To the educated, these are simply unrealistic. It is therefore refreshing to know that there are still people who value good old fashioned customer service, garments of the highest quality and the passion and expertise that comes from years of experience providing athletes of all levels with their apparel.

 “Every day I hear of other manufacturer’s broken promises. They promise lower pricing but hidden beneath the initial prices are surcharges for a list of things. They promise fast turnaround times and constantly let people down. I’m immensely proud in our integrity and honesty as a business. We never make promises we can’t keep and always do our utmost to surpass the expectations of our customers”.

Mark Ingram, Blackchrome Operations Manager

At Blackchrome, we are always happy to be asked to manufacture very complex orders, which consist of a multitude of challenges that require the highest level of expertise and skill. It is jobs like these where our experience and passion really come to the fore. Working in close partnership with our distributors is what we love to do and it’s what drives us each and every day.

At Blackchrome, it’s our view that in order to truly provide every athlete with a uniform that befits their passion in their chosen sport, we must not only share their passion but we must rise above the expected standards and provide a service that is second to none.

“Our projects often involve highly pressing deadlines combined with extreme requirements for attention to detail. The Blackchrome team are more than capable of dealing with even the trickiest of projects. Quality, service and timeframes are always excellent. The artwork and delivery scheduling are so detailed  and accurate that we always feel 100% confident that what’s promised will be delivered”.

Katie, Account Manager, Mayhem

Every time we see the results of our efforts, either in the media or when distributors share photos of the apparel being worn, it fills us with immense pride and gives us enormous satisfaction.

So when it comes to providing teams with their sports apparel, ask yourself some serious questions. Do you opt for the cheapest price? Do you choose the new kid on the block just because they make you a glittering promise? Or do you choose a company with years of experience, robust systems and a proven reliability record?