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General Questions

How do I become a Blackchrome distributor?

If you would like to be considered as an authorised distributor of Blackchrome products we kindly ask that you spend a few moments to complete this form.

Are your fabrics UV resistant?

Full details regarding our fabrics our at our fabric range page.

How does your sizing work?

We have a huge range of products, the only way to ensure you are happy with the sizing of each individual garment is to refer to our garment spec sheets. Our patterns have been developed to our customers specifications and standards. This means there may be inconsistencies between similar garments as we have inherited their unique sizing. For example, some products are tight fitting, suitable for elite athletes while others are a standard or regular fit suitable for less athletic types. A size large in the elite fit may be much smaller than a size large in our standard or regular fit.

What is the best way to send a large file?

To send and receive large files that are too big for email head over to follow the prompts to send us your large files (up to 2GB).

How can I download a catalogue?

Head over to our catalogues page to download our full range of catalogues.


How do I become a Blackchrome distributor?

If you would like to be considered as an authorised distributor of Blackchrome products we kindly ask that you spend a few moments to complete this form.

How long does artwork take?

Artwork lead time is generally 3 – 5 days. Please discuss urgent artwork requirements with us.

Can I provide PMS colours for my design?

Yes, we can colour match to PMS colours for your design. However colour matching is subjective and having a 100% colour match may not be possible due to the difference between colour on card and fabric.

Can I provide colour details in CMYK?

Due to the printing and production techniques used in dye sublimation printing we cannot guarantee identical CMYK output. It is always better to view our fabric color palettes or order a pre-production sample.

What graphics software do you use?

We use CorelDRAW to create artwork. We supply artwork files for approval as PDF’s. We use vector files (see list below) for printing so when possible we prefer clients to supply vector artwork. However we can use your supplied artwork if created in a different format. We can use high resolution raster/bitmap images but these files will more than likely require redrawing. Take note – bitmaps can be embedded into vector files, so even if the correct file type is supplied the file may still require redrawing. Please contact one of our design coordinators for more information. Vector files end with the file extension .cdr, .ai, .eps, .wmf, .emf, .pdf – raster bitmap files are .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp, .gif, .psd, .raw. See the difference between vector and bitmap files.

Can I use a photo or bitmaps in my design?

Yes, but the end result will be based on the quality of the image supplied. We need the file to be 300dpi at the final output size required on your product. For example, if you want a 30cm x 30cm image across the front of your polo shirt, you will need to supply an image that is 30cm x 30cm @ 300dpi. See the difference between vector and bitmap files.

Can I use metallic shiny colours in my design?

No, currently there is no way to produce a shiny metallic finish with sublimation ink. We do have reflective tapes that can be added to products that require reflective properties (such as safety vests). However, we are always researching and developing new production processes, so please contact us so that we can discuss your specific requirements.

Will the colour be exactly the same on all fabrics?

Depending on the type of fabric being printed, there may be some very subtle colour variations. This will be dependant on the characteristics of each fabric. Some fabrics will portray a very bright and shiny colour and other fabrics may portray a duller finish. In general, most colours are very close when compared across the range of fabrics.

I'm a graphic designer can I supply print ready artwork?

No. You can supply us with artwork that we can place into our templates. Our artwork is very specific to our ink, machinery, and production processes and cannot be considered print ready until all of our checks have been performed. We can supply you with a template so that you can provide artwork based on them, but we will still need to provide the final artwork as a PDF to be signed off.

How many logos can I add to my design?

You can add unlimited logos/sponsors to your product. Please supply logos as vector graphics when possible. Your artwork may require extra time to complete if a large number of logos are required.

How many colours can I have in my design?

You can have as many colours as you require. There is no limit.

Can you copy an existing design from a sample?

Yes, we can copy artwork from a sample as long as you are the copyright holder. Please allow 1 – 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the design. If the design is very detailed we may need to send the garment to our factory. We recommend approving a sample when copying an existing design to ensure you are happy with the result. If you require the pattern shape and design to be copied this will need to be discussed with our Pattern Development team.

How much does artwork cost?

Our artwork charges are affordable, and in some instances the artwork is free! Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Can I add individual names and/or numbers to my garment?

Yes, you can. Please double check all spelling, numbering and sizing as we print exactly what is contained in the names and numbers sheets provided. Please take note – certain fonts contain only uppercase or lowercase text and some non text characters may not appear as expected. Some fonts and numbers may need to be scaled to fit smaller sized patterns.

How do I send an artwork request?

Please contact us for a brief template. Here are some tips to ensure the artwork process is efficient. Please include Pattern Numbers,”C” colour codes from our palette, logos as vector graphic files and refer to all correspondence in your email subject heading accurately. Try not to use Acronyms or abbreviations for clubs (e.g. use Saints Football Club instead of SFC.)

Product Development

Can I develop a new pattern/product?

We are happy to work with you on designing and developing new products to suit your needs. Whatever your requirements may be we will work closely with you to reach your desired goals.
*Charges apply for this service

Can I modify an existing pattern/Product?

We are able to modify existing patterns and create new patterns depending on your requirements. Please keep in mind that any modifications or new pattern requests require up to three additional weeks for development and prototypes.
We strongly recommend pre-production samples be approved before any orders are placed.
*Charges apply for this service.

Ordering / Pricing

Where can I find information on pricing?

Pricing is dependent on many factors such as quantity required, product style and fabric type.
Please contact us for information on pricing.

What is the minimum order quantity?

In general terms our minimum order quantity is 10 pieces per order. We offer flexibility and in certain circumstances can manufacture as low as one piece.

Can I order a sample?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage sampling. We have worked tirelessly to develop a world class pre-production sampling service. Sampling provides peace of mind for you and for us. In general terms pre-production samples will take two weeks.
Never be afraid to order a sample!

Can I book production space for my order?

Yes, we can reserve production space for you. Please provide us with a required delivery date (when you require the product in your hands) an estimate on the final quantity required and the type of patterns and products needed. We will then book the production space and give you a date when we require artwork to be finalised and the order to be placed. This way we can guarantee you will receive your goods on time.

Can I mix and match the fabric for my product?

Yes, we have a selection of fabrics to choose from. We are happy to make your garments in any fabric from our range. We will recommend a suitable fabric for your order to make sure your garments fit, look and feel the way they should. Please note – changing fabrics may change the pricing for each product.

Can I place an order using the Design Your Own website?

The main purpose of our DYO site is for you to create a mock-up of your design, this helps streamline the design process. We will follow up with you if logos and images are used as we require vector or hi-res images for use in final artwork. The DYO tool is really for you to play around with different designs and colours until you are happy enough to proceed. However, we are trialling a payment system (for orders under 29 pieces) in some DYO categories.


What are the delivery times for your sublimated products?

Delivery from placement of order will typically happen within 4 – 5 weeks depending on seasonal demand. Production space can be booked in advance for time sensitive orders. Please discuss any urgent requirements as soon as the artwork process begins so that we can book production space as early as possible for your order. Take note – Order placement is only finalised when artwork is signed off and an order form is submitted with VL numbers and complete sizing, name and number information. An order is not considered submitted unless all required information is provided.


My garment is faulty what do I do?

Please don’t panic.. On the rare chance that something is wrong with your product please contact us ASAP. It is most likely the product may have been damaged in transit. We will replace your item free of charge as long as it is returned (unworn) in a timely manner.

I've ordered the wrong size.. help!

Don’t be alarmed, please contact us to arrange a return. we’ll gladly replace the item with a different size. As long as the item is unworn and is returned in a timely manner and in the condition it arrived. If your replacement size is not in stock we can backorder the item which generally takes 4 weeks for delivery.

Where is your factory?

Our factory is located in Sri Lanka. We have official WRAP accreditation and are proud to be an ethical company. Locally manufacturing our products is not viable, however, due to the great relationship with our friends in Sri Lanka we provide job security for more than 20 Australian staff and over 100 people in Sri Lanka.

Can you make custom garments?

Yes we can, head over to to see the full range of over 1,000 products we can create for you.

Can we choose our own custom coloured compression?

Yes, head over to to see the full range of 100% custom compression we can create for you.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, if you live in South Australia (or you’re passing through) you can select the local pick up option and visit us at 14 Myer Court, Beverley 5009 SA between the hours of 9am and 5pm (ACST).

I'd like to arrange a store for my club, can you help?

Yes, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff. There are a few qualifying factors, if you order your custom product with Blackchrome we can help you sell to your team, club or organisation without the hassle of holding stock or building your own website.

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is the scientific word for a solid substance transitioning to gas without the intermediate liquid phase. What does this mean in relation to our products? It means that our designs are printed onto special paper (solid) and then transferred into the fabric (as gas) so that they are permanently embedded into the fabric. No cracking, peeling or fading of logos. Wash after wash your product will look as new.

How long have you been around?

Blackchrome Sportswear has been providing quality custom sportswear for over 10 years, we’re based in Adelaide, South Australia.

What makes you different from your competitors?

At Blackchrome Sportswear we pride ourselves on our quality and reliability. We don’t spend millions on marketing products, we make quality products and deliver them on time. We rely on our customers to spread the word for us.

Who do you use for shipping?

We generally use Star Track for all of our online store items. Normal ETA for delivery is 2 – 3 days. We provide a tracking number for you to follow up with the shipping provider so that you can have peace of mind.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, credit card and direct debit.

How much is shipping?

As a special launch bonus we are charging a flat rate of $9.95 within Australia. Additional charges may apply in special circumstances.

Do you ship internationally?

We can ship to international locations, we generally charge a flat $30 but you will need to contact us for a quote.


14 Myer Court, Beverley
South Australia 5009

Phone: (08) 8244 5500
[email protected]

Office Hours:
Mon – Fri 8am – 4:30pm (ACST)

Pompey Manahi
04:51 29 Oct 19
The shirts that Blackchrome Sportswear designed for our Golf Team, speak for themselves, Bright, comfortable and you will never see other golf shirt like it. Our golf team won the best shirts for the tournament and the team did very well in the golf as well. We have been working with Blackchrome Sportswear on our teams golf shirts for over 5 years now and nothing is a problem for Blackchrome. Thank you Blackchrome, now to start designing our shirts for more
Pompey Manahi
04:44 29 Oct 19
The shirts that Blackchrome Sportswear designed for our Golf Team, speak for themselves, Bright, comfortable and you will never see other golf shirt like it. Our golf team won the best shirts for the tournament and the team did very well in the golf as well. We have been working with Blackchrome Sportswear on our teams golf shirts for over 5 years now and nothing is a problem for Blackchrome. Thank you Blackchrome, now to start designing our shirts for more
Bec Birrell
01:35 11 Oct 19
Our basketball club has recently changed to a new uniform style and design and I contacted Blackchrome to see what they could offer. From the moment I started the email conversation with Shannon Thaller I was impressed with his level of service. His replies were very quick and nothing seemed too much trouble. The uniform design was exactly what we were after and the quality and comfort of the uniforms have been a big hit with our club members. Delivery is quick and notifications are sent to keep you up to date on the progress. Special thanks to Shannon and team for making what was a formidable task a smooth and easy process. I look forward to ordering our winter range for next more
Lachlan Hurse
05:58 12 Sep 19
Thanks very much to Blackchrome for supplying an order of 'Sportive' cycling jerseys to The Big Ride Australia at short notice. They arrived well in time for our event, and were well received by the riders. Sizing was good (generous), the fabric comfortable and the design turned out well. We are very appreciative of the extra effort that the Blackchrome team put in to make sure we had the jerseys on time, and contributing to the success of our ride. I would not hesitate in recommending this company to others. Thanks again!read more
bevan baker
00:57 03 Sep 19
I have managed numerous sporting teams, including 12 years rugby league rep sides, adult touch football teams and masters rugby league teams. We have always gone through Blackchrome Sportswear for our apparel and I can not speak highly enough. The quality of the apparel is faultless but it is the friendly service and willingness to make sure everything is delivered on time and correctly sized that has been the impressive aspect of this company. We have been using Blackchrome for over a decade and intend to continue to do so into the future. Can not recommend them highly enough to any other sporting more
Julianne Elton
23:14 28 Aug 19
Our club has been with Blackchrome for a number of years for our uniforms (Brothers Netball) . We also now get umpiring shirts and bags etc from them. The quality is excellent always. The service is better than anyone else. Have had many offers but would not change, they are as reliable as you can get. Love their more
Deb Trescott
05:35 28 Aug 19
We have been using Mark Sexton and the Blackchrome team for several clothing orders over the last year. Mark's service is second to none, the shirts and shorts are always spot on for quality and colour, the designers are bang on our layout requests and Mark has never missed a deadline! I can't recommend Mark and the team highly more
Wendel Litchfield
07:12 26 Aug 19
Our Sports club has used Blackchrome Sportswear for our club polo tops and they are nothing short of excellent. Tough wearing, cool fabric and sublimated printing that is second to none. We have had multiple print runs and the whole process is very easy. Staff are very helpful and will go the extra mile for you. Highly more
oliver rhodes
02:42 21 Aug 19
Our cricket club have been using Blackchrome coming up for 2 years now and nothing is ever too much trouble for Shannon and the team, quality clothing and that go above and beyond for the customer attitude make for a great experience. Keep up the great work From everyone at the Noarlunga cricket more
Broose C
12:18 13 Aug 19
First full season of cycling tours with our new Kit from Blackchrome. 6 weeks of riding every day (except 2) in all conditions. This summer in Italy and France was a heatwave and the kit held up. Comfortable on every ride. From day 1 of working with Blackchrome, nothing has been too hard for them. quick design, production and delivery. Just brilliant. Highly recommend. Bravo Travis and more
Pete M
08:51 13 Aug 19
Our Cycle Club has been using Black Chrome for our signature event promo shirts for 4 years. Very comfortable product, awesome sublimated colour range. Brilliant service from Travis and the Black Chrome team, accommodating our design changes as needed. Great communication lines and they have never let us down with on time delivery.We highly recommended them to anyone looking for a stand out productread more
Justin Eddie
09:05 08 Aug 19
In recent years I have found a passion for obstacle course races with a group of long term mates. We wanted to do something a little different... stand out from the crowd. We found BC online and decided to reach out to see if they could put together a custom design for us....Needless to say, 5 races later and a different team singlet to show for each event, I couldn't be happier with how they've all turned out and the longevity and quality of each one, given how we treat them on race day... Thanks to the team at Blackchrome for your ongoing help in putting together some amazing custom singlets. Looking forward to our next event in September!!!read more
Myles Brown
23:37 05 Aug 19
Great service, very helpful. They were able to respond to our specific needs and the product was excellent quality. Would recommend to people to get one size down as sizes are very more
Caleb Barnden
03:42 02 Aug 19
Ordered 100+ Shirts on a tight deadline and Blackchrome were able to get them in. Good Customer Service. Great Delivery Time. Awesome Productread more
Darryn Moyle
03:37 02 Aug 19
The Blackchrome team have put our club on the map, our shirts have been a hit with our members. Members of the public and veteran community are constantly contacting us for sale of the shirts. Thank you to Shannon and the teamread more
Regan Scott
03:32 02 Aug 19
Great service. I was very Impressed with the design process easy to communicate your needs with and they had some great ideas to make our uniform look even better. Delivery was on time all 3 times we more
Will Sobels
10:53 30 Jul 19
just finished the first 6 hour race with my team of 5 and couldn't have been happier with how the tops were. they were so comftable and breathable, it made racing so much better, cant wait to do the 24 hour in them. highly recommend them. they came exactly how I ordered them and no more
Tanja Tyvimaa
00:12 30 Jul 19
Blackchrome cycling products are super comfortable, high quality and well designed. I have done long endurance rides (200+km per day, several days in a row) on BC kits without any issues. Also, Blackchrome guys love sports. They are eager to help you and you can design your own kit if you want. The service is at the top level, friendly, professional and fast. Highly recommended!read more
Scott McElroy
03:51 03 Apr 19
First class service and really understand their Clients. The kits look great and can't wait to show them off on the road..... well done to Travis and the more
Richter 6 Count
03:12 20 Mar 19
Great looking Basketball jerseys with all the help you need to get them designed, formatted and made. Will be ordering again no doubt!read more
Claire Lower
22:01 13 Feb 19
Really impressed with this service. Had a 4 day turn around with goods and really happy with the quality of our order! Highly recommend Blackchrome for apparel, and their exceptional service!read more
Cesar Aiuto
23:21 17 Jan 19
An excellent experience dealing with BlackChrome from start to finish. Quality apparel built beautifully colours are great on each garment. Best of all they delivered the items before the delivery date which was a great surprise and beneficial for my more
Ian Arthur
01:03 21 Dec 18
I recently took part in the Ultimate Charity Challenge riding from Melbourne to Sydney via the Snowy Mountains which was 1300 km in seven days. Blackchrome provided all the cyclists with an awesome colour co-ordinated kit including, bibs, jerseys, arm warmers, socks, gloves, vests and hoodies. The kit was very comfortable and I have received lots of positive comments about the fully co-ordinated more
Ben Causer
23:26 02 Dec 18
Very happy with the whole experience of dealing with Blackcrome, from the initial phone call right through to the delivered finished product, everything went more
Ben Hollands
23:49 25 Nov 18
Had crew shirts for a trucking crew at Olympic Dam underground mine, design and colours are awesome! Looking forward to the next set! Highly recommend!read more
Hazelbrook Cricket Club NSW
09:36 06 Nov 18
Hazelbrook Cricket Club could not be happier with the playing shirts and club shirts Blackchrome have supplied us with. Blackchrome made it very easy for us to decide to go with their gear. Scott McGregor went above and beyond for the club with organising everything for us. Allowing us to make last minute changes such as adding numbers was also a positive. Blackchrome also delivered our shirts in no time at all allowing us to kit out our players before the start of the season. Hazelbrook Cricket Clubs members loved the shirts that we will be looking into ordering more merchandise for our club members to more
John Ford
01:03 06 Nov 18
Hazelbrook Cricket club recently purchased new playing and after game club shirts for all junior and senior teams. Working with Scott McGregor from Blackchrome made the whole process so easy. Scott's advice and excellent communication left us very impressed and the quality of the design and printing is just first class. We were so impressed that our members have requested more clothing options and will be again looking forward to working with Scott and his more
Mick Shipp
00:29 23 Aug 18
Excellent service, great communication throughout design process. Will make any changes you want to design whether they're minor or major! Real happyread more
Grace Beissel
04:16 07 Jul 18
I recently ordered some jackets and hoodies for my soccer club. They arrived swiftly after a friendly and professional ordering process, while also being slick, warm and really durable. We are repeat customers as the girls really loved them last year as well. Very very more
Philip James
03:47 09 Apr 18
I ordered cycling kits and compression kits for running. The whole process was easy and professional from start finish. The kit is excellent with other members at work, now wishing to purchase kit. Cannot recommend the custom kit high more
Neon skreemus
05:05 19 Mar 18
Awesome customer service. From start to finish help us out with the design we wanted. The jerseys look great 100% will be ordering again soonread more
Ethan Surrall
07:26 24 Oct 17
No job too big or small with attention to detail second to none. Very easy to deal with and shipping on a tight timeframe was more
Switch Bike Co.
07:00 17 Oct 17
We use BC for our cycling apparel and they are Fantastic products! they exceeded our expectations. and they are always keen on solving an issue or customizing a new product for us. highly more
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