Sublimation is a unique printing process that offers the freedom of a custom design with unlimited colours and logos on high performance polyester based fabrics. Sublimation is the ultimate choice for on-field apparel requiring high end graphics. Our expertise and online ‘DYO’ Design Your Own web based design tools are second to none, making designing team wear an easy and enjoyable experience.


Great examples of sublimated designs

Sublimation is ideal for sportswear as the fabric composition remains unaltered during the embedding process, the fabric weight remains exactly the same and the eyelets and weave remain clear from obstruction. Sublimated ink cannot be washed out our scrubbed off once it is transferred into the fabric. Traditional embellishment techniques apply themselves to the surface of the fabric, blocking any eyelets and wicking properties the fabric may have. Traditional techniques are also quite heavy and impact comfort, they also have a shorter lifespan due to wear and tear from washing and general use.

We use digital sublimation printers which means that basically anything that can be printed onto paper can be transferred onto a garment, the possibilities are endless. Digital printing also gives you the freedom to print ‘one off’s’ which do not require expensive set-ups for screens and films. However, there are still additional costs as each artwork will need to be created, checked and ripped prior to printing.


Choosing Colours..

We have a huge gamut of colours to choose from, please ensure you pick colours from our physical fabric palette. On screen colours, Pantone colours and colours from printed media can vary greatly from the result achievable on fabric. Get in touch with us about ordering a sample and have 100% clarity and confidence before ordering. Enquire about our incremental palettes when colour matching is absolutely imperative.

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