Enhance performance, endurance & recovery with custom compression clothing


Experience the benefits of compression activewear with your club, school or corporate team

There’s more to compression than looking and feeling great, some people are sceptical about the benefits but you can’t argue with science. Medical compression has been in use for decades to aid circulation and we are only now fully understanding a multitude of additional benefits.

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Custom Logos

Add unlimited logos to your compression. You can even add personalised names and numbers per product.

Custom Thread

A range of thread colour choices to complement your compression product. Choose contrast stitching or a more subtle look.

Increased Explosive Power

Get the most out of your body on game day.

Increased Threshold

Increased V02max and anaerobic threshold gives you the edge when it comes to endurance.

Reduced Oscillation

Reduced fatigue and optimal dynamic movement due to reduced muscle displacement.

Enhanced Proprioception

Improved technique and injury reduction due to increased joint sense.

Evaporative Cooling

Stay cooler. The more you perspire, the more compression helps with cooling you down.

Design Freedom

Our compression active wear is decorated via digital sublimation, allowing for complete freedom with design.

Reduced Blood Lactate

It is scientifically proven that compression garments reduce the effect of lactic acid. Wear compression during and after exercise for the most effective results.


Reduce muscle damage and aid recovery by wearing compression garments after exercise.

Unlimited Colours

We decorate our compression products using digital sublimation printing. This means there are thousands of colours to choose from that don't fade or wash out.

Accelerated Warm Up

Compression garments accelerate the warm up of cold muscles.
Compression Benefits

UniSA Health & Fitness Coordinator and basketballer Joseph Campbell explains the benefits of compression and why he loves wearing it. Check out the video to see our gear in action and learn how you can increase performance and aid recovery using Blackchrome custom compression.

Compression Benefits - Joseph Campbell


Blackchrome custom compression animated

Absolute Customisation

When we say custom we mean custom..


  • unlimited colour options with over 1,000 to choose from we can match your team branding
  • unlimited logos to keep your sponsors happy or offer freedom for your own branding
  • a range of flat-seam thread colours offering another level of customisation
  • create the ultimate compression garment for your club, school or corporate team. One of our skilled designers is waiting to assist you


Show your true colours!

Quality Materials and Graphics

We’ve extensively tested our range for performance, durability and graphic output.


  • customisable flat-seam stitching guarantees comfort during prolonged use and high performance output, whilst offering an additional personal touch
  • digital sublimation using quality materials offering an unbelievable level of freedom in design with colours that last
  • our logos & graphics are embedded into the fabric so they won’t peel, fade or crack

Blackchrome Compression Quality Close Up

The Range

Full range of customisable compression available in mens, ladies and youth sizing. More styles to come..

Blackchrome Compression & ActivGlo Simulation for night time visibility


Performance in Low Light Conditions

Combine ActivGlo fabric with our compression range for maximum performance and safety. ActivGlo reflects light making you light up when vehicle or street lights point toward you. Perform safely knowing you’re visible to others, enabling you to focus 100% on your activity of choice. What separates ActivGlo from traditional hi-vis training gear is there is almost no visible or physical alteration to the fabric. The ActivGlo ‘dots’ are barely noticeable on the fabric surface.

Studio Designs

Our team of talented designers have put together some examples to show off what is possible with sublimated compression. A range of designs will be available to customise on our Design Your Own site very soon!