Touch Football Uniforms

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Our Touch Football Range

We recommend our hybrid neck jersey and fitted singlet for touch football. There are also a baggy shorts and boyleg shorts available. Click the lick the images below to see the corresponding pattern numbers. Please check the garment sizing spec to ensure you get the correct size.

Touch Football Off-field & Accessories

To fully compliment your on-field range we have outerwear and training gear available in both sublimation and cut & sew with embroidery. We can provide your team with the complete professional package. Examples of some of our more popular off-field products are below, check out the full outerwear and training range.

Touch Football Studio Designs

We’ve put together a range of touch football designs to give you some inspiration. Feel free to have one of our designers customise any of the designs in our range or you can supply an image or start from scratch. We’re here to make your life easy, let us look after the hard stuff.


Blackchrome design your own touch football uniform
Design Your Own Touch Football Uniforms

Have a go at designing your own fully customised touch football uniforms with our easy to use ‘DYO’ website. Start with one of our studio designs then change colours, add logos, text and numbers. We’ll send you a PDF and get in touch with you about how to order your masterpiece.

Start Designing >>

Touch Football Catalogue

View our touch football catalogue in full screen or download a PDF of our touch footballcatalogue to read later or send in an email.

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Touch Football Fabrics

Different environments require different fabrics, factors (such as climate) can play a part in your fabric choice. Choose a lightweight fabric for reversible singlets, a heavier fabric is advised for shorts (as this helps them to drape nicely and not cling to your skin) and mixing main fabrics with a fabric like airmesh to provide additional cooling via air flow and lighten the garment.

Micromesh | Titan | Interlock 250 | Poly Spandex | Taslon

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An advanced lightweight mesh knit fabric built for optimal moisture transfer, fast drying and good sun protection.

  • 120gsm, 165gsm, 190gsm
  • 100% polyester
  • Have a UVF rating of 50+
  • Hydrophilic treatment
  • ideal for t-shirts, polos and singlets


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This fabric is unrivalled in our range for strength, with high stretch for garments intended to hug your body.

  • 270gsm
  • 100% polyester
  • UVF rating N/A
  • soft and smooth on the inside against your skin
  • ideal for jerseys, guersneys, rugby & touch shorts


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Interlock 250

This shiny, soft, silky fabric specially knitted for sublimation is both comfortable and robust.

  • 250gsm
  • 100% polyester
  • UVF rating N/A
  • excellent for high resolution images & rich colours
  • ideal for sub jackets, touch shorts and jerseys


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Poly Spandex

The 4-way stretch of this bright white base tricot fabric offers extra comfort and freedom of movement to enhance performance. Moisture management properties make it resistant to perspiration stains.

  • 220gsm
  • 80% polyester/20% spandex
  • UVF rating N/A
  • excellent for high resolution images & rich colours
  • ideal for boy leg briefs


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This light weight woven fabric is moderately water repellent and delivers modest warmth and comfort.

  • 140gsm
  • 100% polyester
  • UVF rating N/A
  • outerwear with a soft single jersey lining
  • ideal for track pants


We’ve recommended a few of our touch football specific fabrics above to simplify the design process, we have a larger range of fabrics available, click below to open a new page with the full range.

Full Fabric Range >>
The Design Process
We have a range of touch football studio designs to choose from, have a go at designing your own uniforms using our Design Your Own facility. You can also supply us with an image or graphic as an example design and we can start with that or submit your own design brief.
Choose the shape, fit & style of your garment, we refer to this as the pattern. The the fit type, shape, construction and neckline are all identified by the pattern number. We have created a recommended pattern list to make choosing a pattern easy. Most of our patterns are available in mens, ladies and youth sizing. Patterns are referred to by a code and we have sizing specs for all patterns to make choosing the perfect fit easy for you.
Choose the fabric/s your garment will be made from. Again, we have made your life easy by listing the fabric/s that we recommend for touch football.
We will create an artwork PDF for you outlining colours, logos and your design scaled to 10%. Have absolute confidence that your uniform will be manufactured as per your artwork. Production artwork files begin with a VL or CS prefix (e.g. VL12345). We encourage sampling so that you can have a physical copy of the garment to touch and wear before bulk production begins. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly we can deliver your sample.
If you require per garment customisation such as individual names or numbers, we have created a standard range of fonts commonly used in touch football to make your choice easier. Adding custom names and numbers will require you to fill out a names & numbers spreadsheet outlining exactly which sizes will have customised names and/or numbers in your order.
*There may be additional charges.

Touch Football Artwork

We provide a document for you to approve so that you can have peace of mind with your design. Your PDF document will have a VL or CS prefix which identifies whether the garment is sublimated or a traditional cut and sew garment. The four sections are outlined below in more detail.

Blackchrome Touch Football uniform artwork

The visual is just a guide on how things will appear on the finished garment. It helps to visualise the garment including trims/piping etc. Do not sign off on your design based on the visual page, this page is not to scale and the shape of the garment may not be an accurate representation of the finished garment.

Blackchrome Touch Football uniform artwork
Production Layout

This is the most important page to check to ensure your artwork is as required. Our production layout page is normally at 10% scale with a wireframe showing all sizes in the pattern. Check this page very closely, check that colours are accurate, logos are clear, the correct size and in the correct position. Check that the design looks correct across the full range of sizes.

Blackchrome Touch Football uniform artwork
Logo Details

On this page you will find colour and sizing information for your logos, it is important to check all logos for sizing and accuracy.

Blackchrome Touch Football uniform artwork
Terms & Conditions

When you are happy with your design and are ready to order you will need to email (quoting your VL or CS number) or sign and fax this document to us. We need written approval to proceed with your order.

Touch Football Names & Numbers

You can individually customise your garment with names and numbers, here are some examples of fonts that can be used. You can choose from our names and numbers range of fonts or supply an example for us to copy.