We work with teams, clubs and organisations to simplify ordering processes removing the risk of unsold stock.

The Upside

  1. Pre-orders remove the risk of excess stock being left unsold
  2. This allows teams, clubs, organisations and event managers to offer merchandise and teamwear when it was previously considered too risky


The Downside

Depending on the length of the pre-order window orders can take longer than you would normally expect. To combat this we offer a number of solutions

  1. When pre-orders hit a certain amount we automatically manufacture the currently ordered items
  2. We automatically manufacture at scheduled times to prevent pre-orders taking far longer than expected. A monthly or quarterly odering cycle is recommended.

How pre-orders work

  1. We receive your pre-order via our online shop
  2. It remains in a queue until a predetermined date or order minimum has been reached
  3. We then begin our normal manufacturing process (which is 4 – 6 weeks)


Why is my pre-order taking so long?

Depending on the arrangement with the team, club or organisation the time period between orders may vary. Some arrangements are made with consideration to very low order frequency and this might extend the normal pre-order period. Basically, you add the predetermined period to our manufacturing time frame of 4-6 weeks. In many instances we are custom manufacturing a solitary item which takes time and resources.


Cancellations of pre-orders

We cannot cancel a pre-order once manufacturing has begun. We make every sublimated order from scratch. This includes cutting of fabric, printing of transfers, heat-pressing, sewing and many other labour intensive processes as well as the consumption of materials and accessories. As we make pre-orders solely for the person who places the order they cannot be added into stock and resold, therefore we cannot cancel this process once it has begun.



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