Sublimation vs Pro Panel

Sublimation and Pro Panel (cut & sew) are two completely different products, but when used well can complement one another to create a very professional and cost effective team wear range.



The sublimation process is very technical, with a heavy focus on design sublimation requires additional processes in the production cycle. Sublimation gives you incredible freedom and opportunities but does come with some limitations. Sublimation is ideal for jobs requiring multiple custom colours with fades, gradients and/or images.


Pro Panel

Pro Panel (cut & sew) is a simpler process, the fabric is warehoused in bulk in a range of pre-dyed colours. We cut the fabric, add embroidery and sew it together. This is more cost effective but has its design limitations (when compared to sublimation) Pro Panel is ideal for off-field teamwear in common colours.


Here’s an example range combining Pro Panel & sublimation