Blackchrome is very excited to unveil eight brand new Indigenous designs for our Design Your Own (DYO) online tool

The eight designs were all created by NSW-based artist Dean Loadsman (Didgeridoo Dreaming), especially for Blackchrome. 

Each design is originally acrylic on canvas, which was then photographed and uploaded electronically onto our garment templates. 

On our DYO tool, you can choose the design you like and edit the colours to match your team. 

If you would like your very own Indigenous design created for your team, contact Dean to see what he can do. You can reach him on Facebook and Instagram

Ocean Journey

This design represents the whales’ migration journey or song-lines, following the same path through the oceans as their ancestors. The whale is very significant with a strong connection to many coastal tribes around Australia.


This design represents ochre from the earth, which is used in ceremony and art. The red, yellow, white and brown patterns in the background represent ochres, the circles represent the many tribes and their connections to each other and to the land.

Goanna Waterhole

The goanna is a traditional food source for Aboriginal people and is found across Australia. Goanna oil was used in traditional bush medicine and is still used today.

Kangaroo Spirit

This piece represents strength and determination. The kangaroo never takes a backward step – always moving forward.


As they come of age boys are taught all the skills they need to become warriors, how to make weapons, how to hunt, the lore of the land, respect… all the knowledge they will need to become strong men…


When we look to the night sky we look upon the same stars as our ancestors did and can find strength in the knowledge that they are now looking down on us, always guiding and always taking care of us… nyah gooyumgun (look stars- Bundjalung)

Sea Turtles

This piece represents patience, wisdom and endurance. The sea turtle swims with the ocean currents, going with the flow, knowing that it is well prepared for this journey and that with patience, wisdom and endurance, it can conquer any ocean…

The Dreaming

This piece represents the dreaming… the circles around the outside are our past, present and future, all connected as one…

The carpet snake is the protector, ensuring that our culture is kept alive and passed on from each generation to the next…

The smaller dots represent our Elders, community leaders, teachers and mentors,  all coming together in strength and unity, to ensure the next generation is strong and make the most all the opportunities available today… the stars represent a brighter future for all… this is the dreaming…

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