The chat at breakfast was noticeably absent this morning as riders prepped themselves and their bikes for an immense day on the bike. 255km and 3,500m of elevation lay ahead – a distance only a select few of the riders had ever ridden before. An earlier than normal start to allow a little extra time to complete the ride also meant both riders and support staff were busy getting things finalised.

Ride Captain Julian called in the big hitters from his brother-in-law’s local group and the crew helped navigate the way for group 1 for the first 35km and once they peeled off the group got down to business, working flawlessly as a team to slowly but steadily tick the km’s over.

Morning tea at 65km signalled the ¼ way marker and we were welcomed with a delicious egg/bacon pie that Mary cooked from a recipe supplied by Kev whose skills seem to know no bounds (ask him about the time he met the Queen…)

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